History and specificity of company

P.M.S.T. Transmeble International was established in 70-ties of twentieth century and carried consigments for Polish furniture industry in international and local trasnport. Nowadays Transmeble Intl. are not ivolved in carriage of furniture. Speciality of Transmeble Intl. is fair freight forwarding at exhibition grounds in Poznan, Warszawa, Bielsko Biala, Bydgoszcz, Wroclaw and others exhibition centres in Poland and services for Polish exhibitors abroad. Furthermore Transmeble Intl. offers forwarding services for sea, air, and land freights, industrial removals and customs formalities. Transmeble Intl. has professional, technical equipment, skilled and experienced staff. Control over stable and experienced staff in forwarding, handling, montage and dismantling of machines make possible offer of complex service for clients. Knowledge accumulated on every exhibition events bears and avails for services rendered at fairgrounds

Our potential consists of proper organizational conditions, having a technical base in the field of transhipment equipment, technical equipment as well as trained personnel. Having a stable human team with many years of experience and knowledge of the specifics of both reloading and assembly of machines, equipment and production lines enables us to provide comprehensive service to our clients. The experience gathered at each fair event is fruitful and is used for services performed outside the fairgrounds.

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