Export department

Export department company PMST Transmeble International deals with the service of Polish exhibitors taking part in events that take place outside of Poland. Our offer includes a full range of services related to transport, forwarding and customs handling of goods for events, congresses, conferences taking place abroad.
We offer:

  • organization of transport to the event and back (by land, air or sea),
  • unloading and loading of exhibits on the fairgrounds,
  • setting exhibits on the stand in accordance with the exhibitor’s instructions,
  • storage of empty packages during the event,
  • help of a representative of our company on the place of the fair,
  • additional product insurance,
  • palletizing, packing and unpacking exhibits,
  • customs services at home and abroad,
  • customs consultancy regarding the regulations in force in the exporting country, countries of transit and the country of import of exhibits for the fair,
  • individual solutions for clients.


Export Department in Warsaw
ul Kasprzaka 24 lok. 28
01-211 Warszawa

Adam Mazowiec +48 530 742 161 adam@transmeble.com.pl

Viktoria Łukowska +48 730 181 503 viktoria@transmeble.com.pl

Wojciech Żmijewski +48 517 141 741 wojtek@transmeble.com.pl

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