Quality Policy

The Management Board of Transmeble International Sp. z o.o. as well as all its staff take special care to ensure high quality services offered to customers, and aim to meet requirements related to service delivery through ongoing enhancements to the Quality Management System. Our activities are in line with appropriate legal regulations as well as ISO 9001:2008 norm.

Our firm achievements include both the creation of a proper organizational setup as well as a technical terminal for reloading equipment and technical equipment; and trained staff who ensure efficient services to our customers.

Our mission and goals are supported by:
– Creating an optimal relationship among staff, continuous upgrading of staff competencies related to education, training, skills and experience; as well as providing staff with an appropriate work environment and infrastructure,
– Consolidating the Company’s market position through cost reductions, increase in income and work efficiency, as well as outlays to improve the Company’s infrastructure,
– Finding new customers and defining best methods to satisfy their needs,
– Ongoing oversight of Company internal processes,
– Regular effectiveness evaluation of the policy adopted and objectives assumed,
– Researching customer satisfaction levels.

Having a stable pool of people with long-term experience and expertise in the forwarding business is of key importance. We are potentially prepared to further earmark experienced staff members within our organizational structure to become leaders in servicing new customers while providing a thorough service.

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