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Road forwarding

The origins of road forwarding go back to the fifteenth century, which resulted from the provisions of the law of composition and compulsory road traffic. Since then, road freight has evolved very much. Transmeble International offers road freight forwarding services as a paid form through which it is possible to move goods, machines or people. Our company organizes specialized transport of products with large dimensions throughout Europe.

Sea forwarding

Sea transport is an important link in the offer of our services. Transmeble International has been actively forwarding sea freight for many years. We offer a full range of services including not only the receipt of goods, but also its packaging. We guarantee the service of all goods regardless of their dimensions, as well as the timeliness of each delivery. Our transport is carried out in containers in all directions of the world. We have access to the most modern technologies, and our warehouses are located in the backports facilities. As one of the few on the market, we also offer supervision over the entire logistics mechanism.

Air freight

The fastest way to deliver the product to your destination is air transport. As a company with many years of experience on the market, we organize air transport of cargo and goods. We have been cooperating with many airlines for years, thanks to which you can be sure that you will get a high level service. Air freight in our company includes:

  • support for the guardian (agent),
  • door to door service including the so-called simplified services,
  • own customs warehouses,
  • insurance of cargo and goods,
  • comprehensive consultancy,
  • punctuality of orders.


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